Map Making

Here are some ways to make maps that you can play in Armagetron Advanced.


A beginners tutorial

This is an alternative tutorial written by kyle and syllabear that's more intended for beginners who haven't dealt with XML before. It basically contains duplicate information as the page below, so for technical matters Making Maps by Hand should be consulted.

The complete description of the map format

This is the only supported way to make maps right now. It is a tutorial that is created by the Map Master himself and hopefully maintained by him (with everyone's help). It is your first and best resource to what exactly goes into a map, how to put it there, and how it works in the game. Even if you choose to use a graphical map maker, you still need to read this, so consider it required reading.

Tools and Generators

  • Acme — Acme is a currently experimental mostly-doesn't-work graphical map editor that's in Armagetron Advanced's cvs. If you'd like to fool with it, go to this page and read about it, but be warned, it mostly doesn't work.
  • ArmaBell's MapEditor — ArmaBell's MapEditor is a currently experimental graphical Win32 map editor. If you'd like to fool with it, go to this page and read about it.
  • Vectron — Allows you to create maps on the web.

Viewing Maps

When used in conjunction with a text editor, these are powerful tools to help make maps. In fact, the output of this pages can be considered required information if you want any server administrator to use your map on their server.

AAmap to PNG/SVG — This tool reads your map and returns a image of the map.

Map Previewer — Nemostultae made a neat little web application that renders a map to a picture right in your browser.

2D Map Viewer — This is a canvas-based web application that renders a map in your browser made by Durf.

Interactive Map Previewer — Yet Another Map Previewer; very similar to the one above but also allows you to click on certain elements (such as zones) to get the corresponding tag.

3D AAmap Previewer — WebGL-based 3D map viewer, also by Durf.

Playing Maps

So you've made your killer map, now how do you play it?