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1 v 1 S u m o T o u r n a m e n t 2 0 2 0

64 Player 1v1 Sumo Tournament - Sunday, Aug 9th, 2020

Sign-ups are OPEN!

General Information


  • You need a working @forums account (or equivalent).
  • It's best of 3. Score limiit is 600. No round limit.
  • You mustn't be more than 5 mins late after starting time (or after the end of your previous round), or your opponent may claim the win.
  • To move to a backup server, both players must agree.
  • Admins/Mods may not abuse their powers.
  • Seeds will be determined based on SBL rankings. For the possibility to be seeded, use the same login as in SBL.

Very important, there will be 2 opening rounds! A time will be listed under the server part if you're in opening round 2 :)

Sign Ups

To add yourself, simply choose your server preference (US, EU, Don't Care) and add your Global ID to it.
{{1v1 US|username|authority}} {{1v1 EU|username|authority}} {{1v1 IDC|username|authority}}
Example: {{1v1 EU|Titanoboa|forums}}
MAX 32 USA players & 32 EURO players



Players signed up here are guaranteed a spot as long as they are amongst the first 64 to sign up, and will be assigned a region by whatever's free at the end.

  1. Example@forums


Players with a preference to play in EU servers sign up here.

  1. Titanoboa@forums


Players with a preference to play in US servers sign up here.

  1. Example@forums



I will be giving moderator access to a whole bunch of players to help the flow of the tournament. (If you find yourself without an admin or mod to start your match, just go to spec and back to force a new match. Easy.)


To add a server just copy and paste this code and fill out the required information.

{{1v1 Server|Your server name|ip|port|Location|[http://serverwebsite.com http://serverwebsite.com]}}

  • 1v1 Sumo Tournament (Example) (Example) Example City, Exampleland

Server Configs




To edit the bracket Click here

  Opening Round 17:30 Sweet Sixteen 18:00 GMT Elite Eight 18:30 Final Four 19:00 Championship 19:30
  Deso's EU 1  Olive 2  
  Titan's EU 1  koala  
Deso's EU 1  koala x
  Deso's EU 1  olive 0  
  Z-Man's  RoterBaron 2  
  Z-Man's GER 2  RoterBaron 2
  Deso's EU 2  Titanoboa 1  
  Deso's EU 1  RoterBaron 1  
  Kevin.US 1  orion 2  
  Kevin.US 1  Fini 0
   orion 2  
Kevin.US 1  orion 2
 Agility 0  
  Kevin.US 1  orion 2
  Deso's NY 2  Magic 0  
  Deso NY 2  Magic 2
   thxmp 0  
Deso's NY 1  orion 0
Z-Man's  carnage 2
  Noodles' US  raph 2  
   Nanu 0  
  Noodles' US  raph 2  
  Dumb Tronners NY  Jericho 0  
  Dumb Tronners NY  Force 0
   Jericho 2  
  Deso's NY 1  raph 0
  Noodles' US  carnage 2  
  Kevin.US 2  dooov 0
   Noodles 2  
  Deso's NY 1  Noodles 0
  Kevin.US 2  carnage 2  
  Deso's NY 1  Assaindan x
   carnage x