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Some of the terms used by players for gaming in general as well as game-specific jargon.

Boxing is creating a wall around another player so he can't escape and will eventually run into it
Camping is when you basically box yourself (in a large box). By the time you can't go any further, the other players should have killed one another, so you can win. This may be considered a dishonorable action.
Doublebinding is what is referred to when more than one key is bound to the same action. A detailed discussion will not be provided on the Double Binding page.
Grinding is what happens when you rub your cycle against a wall. If you are running parallel to a wall and you are very close to it, you will be grinding. A sound effect and sparks will normally accompany a grind.
Kicking is when you vote to get rid of a teammate because they are causing a nuisance.
Lag is the difference between what you see on your computer screen and what is computed on the server which centralises all the different players info.
Rubber is a mechanism that helps to account for lag. An understanding of rubber is only of arguable use, a detailed discussion is available on the Rubber page.
Team-Killing is when a player takes out his teammates. This is often a mistake and very rarely intentional.