LADLE team-lists

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Team shortcuts and their full names
Shortcut Team Name/Link
AW Anarchic wanderers
SP ~*SpeederS*~
FE Fortress Elite
WS Wraith Squadron
CT Crazy Tronners

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Stick your name down on a list, or start your own team. There are a maximum of 16 teams allowed for THE LADLE. Indicate a captain. Don't just put your name in the pool list. It would be better if you would just create a team as we are trying to get up to 16 teams.

Today is the day! Please elect a team captain and check out the Challenge Room

Anarchic wanderers

  • 2020
  • madmax
  • T to the BL
  • featherfcuk
  • gArIsImOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO

can we get lacks to join us as well as maz, cycle and pavel? please


  • Team captain: PsYkO (
  • psyko
  • blackfang
  • joda
  • kenny
  • oblivion
  • speed
  • whatup
  • xell
  • JJBean

-=Lords Of Destruction=-

  • Ady-Lucifer
  • Mephisto
  • Dez
  • $ubzero
  • Hay-Lin

Shadow League (fe)

  • sKy
  • Radian
  • Ryu
  • Ossi
  • Nazgul
  • Monk
  • Gusbo T. Jam esq (if that's ok with you guys....:))
  • (Cho)
  • belenus
  • Infamous
  • Sasha
  • Maverik
  • Meriton (if you need me, I am here)
  • man2d

Wraith Squadron

Special forces who are not only unrivaled in a star fighter cockpit but unmatched with a vibrio blade in hand to hand combat. Unfortunately our slicer met an untimely demise and now we have been forced to digitized ourselves and enter our flight computers to core dump these wayward programs.

  • Manta
  • BlAzE
  • Kamakazi
  • eclipse
  • 'Me'
  • Treeripe [possibly]


We finally sign up, let's take fun dudes. Our players list is subjected to changes, cause we are live clan. CrazyTronners

  • Xevi
  • 1394-freak
  • 4400
  • cid
  • ed
  • i play rs
  • kilabit
  • King
  • Kyle
  • loops
  • PTA
  • Robed
  • root
  • Shadow
  • syllabear
  • Voodoo
  • Warzelan
  • Also our padawans


We are getting more players everyday so the list will continue to increase. If you would like to play with us, register HERE and I'll put your name on the list. Wiki Page

  • Dµ®Kå
  • WiLdCaT
  • Chuck
  • Goodygumdrops
  • Legit
  • PyRoTeK
  • G5
  • Trace
  • 2b|!2b?
  • Sha9y
  • Scythe
  • RyRy
  • Amafuckdisbitch
  • IceStage
  • Nate
  • Blader

the pool

For unaffiliated players who would like to play on the day...

  • Lackadaisical -I doubt i can play, but if i am i'll be at the irc channel, appreciate the offer psyko, but i guess it would be better to join a team who doesn't have (more than enough) players.
  • Vanhayes-might be busy, but I will show up on the day if I can and play if I am needed.
  • Pez
  • I guess we could take Lack - PsYkO
  • eggcozy - I can play ... maybe on wraith squadron?

give him and the other pool players to a team that doesnt have about 15 people -_-.