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Amazing games. Tronic Monkeys, a group of non-affiliated players along the lines of Anarchic Wanderers, managed to scrape a win both at the Semi and the Final. Tronner under the Influence played brilliantly, took the first match, lost a little concentration in the second, and turned in on themselve in the third deciding match. I thought they had better players and when they attacked, it was fearsome. For some reason I ended up the solitary sweeper quite often, not a good position for a team to be in, and we lost half the match because of it. But they got worried in the third and started to play defencively; I think this was their mistake.
Against Wraith Squadron, it was a super tight game. There seems to be a pattern, once a team exerts itself, winning a match, the normally relax a little and lose the next match. WS won the first, lost the second, won the third, lost the fourth, and I suspect the only reason they lost the fifth is because one of their members disappeared. Superb skills. As usual, I end up an observer, marvelling at the skills of the players.
Organisation was much simpler, and I prefer it that way. No need to now who is in what team, just teams turn up and play. There was a lot of argument before the game with TuI because they wanted to start early, but I am glad I stuck to the time schedule because our last teammate turned up 10mins before the official start. There was also a lot of argument about 4v4 since they only had four players whereas I was happy to accept players to have as large a game as possible. Eventually we agreed on 5v5, but actually we ended up with 6 I think. I have to say, if a team fields less than 8 that is their problem. They should not bully the opponents into playing with less numbers. However, if a team wishes to reduce their number, then it is their choice, in order to make the game more balanced. I think it worked out ok. I suggest that organised clans make up their numbers. This is an 8v8 game. I think these numbers make the game more exciting.
Players for Tronic Monkeys were: One, Rain, Legit, Joda, Zop, Redice, Wrtlprnft, Sasha, Kenny, Omega across the two games.
One word: Zop
I don't think that it's right to pick up players that happen to be in the server if they haven't signed up for the Ladle, or don't even know about it. We wanted to play with just our players. I think the most unfair part was this: There were 6 registered/past Tronic Monkeys in the server. We started out with 5 vs 4. BUT! It was 4 Tronic Monkeys AND ZOP. I didn't understand why they would take Zop (besides the fact that he's amazing) when there were 2 other Tronic Monkeys that sat out. O well, Zop wasn't very effective the first match. Legit kept going thru the middle in the 2nd match. It was 88-88 (or something like that) in the 2nd match with TuI leading 1-0. We were one round away from going to the finals. Legit, yet again, went thru the middle and got into my def. The 3rd match was chaos. We were better playing 4 vs 5 because our 5th player messed us up on several occasions, but we felt we had to have him play to even out the teams. Gradually, each of the Ladle's are getting more organized. Well done yet again 2020.
2 concerns
1. cycle_rubber_wall_shrink
Definately more than half of the people wanted that feature on. Every fortress server online has that feature. Bugfarm had it also. So, for about 3 months, everyone has gotten used to that feature. Sadly, rain refused to turn it on and that greatly affected not only my team, but everyone's play.
2. win zone/death zone
One of the rounds in the first match was so boring. It was just me and Zop and Zop basically gave up trying to get in my defense. He kept making a half-circle around my def. It was about a 2 minute "battle" between us. I was going to commit suicide because it was so boring. How about a death zone that expands?
I agree about zop :)... and was not aware of the mayhem that legit caused :)... As for tronic monkeys: if you go to the team page there is one registered tronic monkey, one, the rest just ask to play and only three others wrote their names on the challenge board... i wasn't aware of the other tronic monkeys, which is not my fault if they don't communicate with their team-mates. Regarding wall-shrink, the default is 0.5 i believe [edit: for 2020 team challenge server]... Regarding win zone: we've had talks about it, and you are right about the final battle 1v1... but i was in one at the end of the third match against WS and i was attacking, died and lost the match for us... it is part of the drama, I think. Imagine a whole game after an hour's play being decided by 1v1... you tell me that's not exciting... I believe it can be a battle of attrition, and though you may think it boredom, I am not sure how long you can last with someone like Zop circling... it is like a seige... I find them fascinating sometimes… —2020
If it's 2v1 and there's a winzone, don't wine about wanting to suicide, just take the damn thing and get it over with. The expanding deathzone just leads to extreme camping, trying to huddle in some edge of the map and trying to stay alive for as long as you can.
The default setting for CYCLE_RUBBER_WALL_SHRINK is 0. After z-man initially created it it was set to 0.5 for a while, once we released a client with support for it he set it to 1, which is the “correct” value, as that will make your own wall end “feel” like someone else's. —Wrtlprnft 03:20, 7 November 2006 (CST)

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