Ladle 17

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The Seventeenth TRONIC Ladle was won by Twisted Rats on 7th December 2008!

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  • CT (Cters)
  • KoD (Luzifer,Mazuffer,Madmax,1200,Pavelo,Ashitaka,hoop,Akira, PreSsure, Legit)
  • Noobs of Terror (noob_saibot, Pink Tomatoes, Arilou, Twinx, TaZ, |evo|, TheN00b, speed, 23, Code Hunter, apparition)
  • ~*SP*~ (Cyclo, Passion, demon, OmegA, Oblivion, Magic, insanity, Sasha, Delta, Dreadlord, PsYkO)
  • New Money (Monkey, alf, Goku, Pathetique, sinewav, Longball, PhysiX, redice, kriki, I/O Bus, spy, moth)
  • ~WrD~ (Lightning, Manta, Shock, Spook, Leviathan, Compugene, Pipe, Killer, WinDer, tyler, Taco, .Bubs`, Gazelle, maZe, Punish)
  • -¦×¦- (members)
  • Twisted Rats (Corn, CuRbSidE, Durka, Goodygumdrops, Illusion, JJBean, man2d, SageLord, Weed, whatup, xfroggy, Valium)
  • ~|DS|~ (CruZ, sunny, alien, G5, GonZ, dvdosc, Plage, Fabi, Hype, mescalin, backinbizz, JS, snört, GluGGsel, zion)

Challenge Board

First Round Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final 3rd Place
6:45 PM UTC 7:30 PM UTC 8:15 PM UTC 9:00 PM UTC 9:00 PM UTC
@ CT Ladle 2-1
@ CT Ladle 2-0
@ CT Ladle 2-0
@ US Fort 2-0
@ US Fort 2-3
@ Wild West 0-2
¦×¦ ¦×¦
@ Wild West/Z-Man's 0-2
@ Z-Man's ?-? 3rd Place
DS ~*SP*~(absent)
@ Z-Man's/Wild West ?-0

Feedback and Match Reports

Great ladle overall, i think its a record number of teams although i could be wrong. We definately need to stop using servers with Max_clients 16 because theres no room for subs, admins or the like. As normal there were laggy servers everywhere. I'd propose rather then using a random method to pick servers have the servers on the challange board before teams sign up and first come first serve to which servers people want. If two teams dont have opponants we use common sense and pair them together based on what the majority wants.-Corn 17:58, 8 December 2008 (PST)

The closest final I've ever seen. 3-2 With us losing 100-96 in the last match. Great matches to everybody, it was a great ladle. Owned

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