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er...move along - nothing to see here.

The name's Terris and i live on a funny shaped Peninsula called Florida, in the U.S. I HR'd a lot when i started back in o7-ish, then i started CTFing and CTFsing. Stopped playing for most of 2010 and 2011 because of school stuff, but started again October of 2011. I've sumo-ed for exactly a year this month, and forted for...heh heh, not saying.

Previous clans





_~R~_ogue Tronners



Ladle Team Lost In Teams Beat Lost To
Ladle 59 xenocide Octa-finals None Rogue Tronners
Ladle 60 None None None None
Ladle 61 None None None None
Ladle 62 \\MeetYourMaker Winner Matrix;uNk;Revolver None
Ladle 63 \\MeetYourMaker Semifinal Phoenix _~Rogue Tronners~_
Ladle 64 RoadRunnerz Quarterfinal RZ2 _~Rogue Tronners~_
Ladle 65 RoadRunnerz Quarterfinal Velocity Redemption
Ladle 66 RoadRunnerz Semifinal RZ2, _~Rogue~_Tronners Revolver
Ladle 67 _~Rogue~_ Tronners Semifinal RZ2, Redemption RoadRunnerZ
Ladle 68 _~R~_ogue Tronners Final Speeders, Phoenix, Revolver uNk.Team
Ladle 69 _~R~_ogue Tronners Semifinal RoadRunnerZ, WildTronners Crazy Fortress Redemption
Ladle 70 _~R~_ogue Tronners Winner Serenity, Phoenix, 70s Team, Redemption None

SBT5 - Final1

SBSBT1 - Final

FFA - Won

Brawl 29 - Won

Two Team Tourney (TTT) - Won