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I am still alive. Most likely I will not be returning to regular play. I consider any form of online gaming to be a risky addiction (especially modern games like CSGO, Fortnite, LoL etc.), and I would rather read a good book or watch a well received movie, or do something productive (or even play a short single player game that is guaranteed to end), than to succumb to uncontrolled online gaming.

Before Fortress existed, I played for over a year high-rubber servers (around 2005). I do not remember much about this period except a few flashbacks of "dog-fighting" other players.


Team_somethingsomething (2006-04)
Lackadaisical, MaZuffeR, Pez, dlh, Gnorty, Pavelo, newbie, eggcozy

My first Fortress team and the first Fortress tournament ever. Players from this team reappeared together in many tournaments under different team names. It was very close to being like an unnamed "clan".

Ladle 1

Shadow League (2006-07)
newbie (Road66), Sky, Ossi, Man2d, Meriton, Badzilla, Mayday, Sasha, Choco

I played Ladle-1 undercover as Road66, because probably I did not want to upset someone else on another team that asked me to play with them.

Ladle 4

proN00bz (2006-10)
newbÎe, Slash, Luzifer, ~*LoD*~SlaYer, ct_SeBoL158, LoD_Ady-Lucifer

Slash was most likely the only player I knew from before Fortress that played with me exclusively fort and sumo later on. He participated in a lot more fortress tournaments than me, seemed to play all ladles from 40 to 70.

Ladle 6

Team somethingsomething (2006-12)
MaZuffeR, pavelo, Pez, eggcozy, newbie, Infamous, dlh

Ladle 9

Team somethingsomething (2007-03)
newbÍe, Pez, MaZuffeR, pavelo, Lackadaisical, dlh

Ladle 11

Fogies with Wheelchairs (2007-05)
Lackadaisical, madmax, MaZuffeR, eggcozy, newbie, pavelo, PsYkO, wHaTuP

Up to this Ladle I did not want to play every ladle from back to back because I was not interested in the possibility of winning every tournament and team somethingsomething was perceived as the strongest line-up; the community was not big, roughly 4 to 6 teams showed up for every event. "Fogies with Wheelchairs" implied "old" arma players ;).
After Ladle-11 I stopped playing and considered myself a retired player. At this point I had played for 2 years several hours per day.

Ladle 21

Arrow Clan (2009-05-03)
hoop, freako, Majom, olive, Totm, Newbie, Hamar, a, Arks

After a year of inactivity and few months before Ladle-21 I came back to play again and joined 'Arrow Clan'. I started noticing players better than me and was deeply surprised by this. ;) From this time onward I was always at most semi-active and other players were in the spotlight.

Ladle 24

Arrow-Clan (2009-08-02)
freako, hoop, arks, newbie, viper, Xyron, Judders, Boo, Olive, a, Hamar, Schwuli, SixZero, Gaspard, Psy, ToTm

After Ladle-24 I went briefly into retirement for the second time.

Ladle 33

Vowel Appreciation Team (2010-05-02)
olive, dlh, titanoboa, newbie, mazuffer, xyron

Ladle 34

Jalapeños on sticks! (2010-06-06)
olive, freako, mazuffer, dlh, lackadaisical, newbie

Ladle 35

Team binary (2010-07-04)
dlh, newbie, madmax, Lackadaisical, 1200, Luzifer

Last three ladles when I could still play competitively. I was struggling with gaming addiction here and was looking for a way out. Playing three ladles in a row seemed like a good time to exit. After this I retired for good. It was five years of Armagetron.

Ladle 84

eggs and ham (2014-08-03)
ogo, wolf, orion, box, the greek, xyron, newbie

A year before Ladle-84 I came back again and joined the 'Redemption' clan, but I did not want to play any Ladles because I did not consider myself to be good enough to compete. Disillusioned by recurring gaming addiction (and a 9th year of armagetron) I decided to quit cold turkey and locked myself out of all my arma accounts (by randomizing passwords and emails).
Afterwards I fell into playing CSGO and had to quit it cold turkey as well by deleting all my steam accounts.

The End

It was fun while it lasted. I am just not looking to play online games anymore. I hope everyone is well and alive.