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  *'''Name''' <code>Global ID (@forums)</code>
  *'''Name''' <code>Global ID (@forums)</code>
<!--*'''sine.wav''' <code>sinewav@forums</code> probably can't make it-->
<!--*'''sine.wav''' <code>sinewav@forums</code> probably can't make it-->
*'''stereo''' <code>Player1312@forums</code>
== Teams ==
== Teams ==

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War Sumo Tournament 26 - Sunday, November 28, 2021

War Sumo Tournament 26 | Teams | Discussion Thread | Previous WSTs | Brackets
WST 26 is set for Sunday, November 28, 2021!
  • Teams will be made up of 3 players and at the most 2 subs.
  • Brackets will be posted the Friday of the tournament.
  • If you want to provide a server, don't hesitate to add it under server list.
  • Previous War Sumo Tournament History can be seen here

Sunday, November 28, 2021 6pmGMT

General Information


  • This is the War Sumo Tournament.
  • Times and brackets are listed below.
  • You will also find official settings and guidelines below.


  • Each team is allowed only 3 players (and 2 subs). This is a 3v3 tournament.
  • Servers will be chosen and positioned on the brackets.
  • Teams will be randomized then placed on the brackets.
  • Team editing will be locked after the brackets are up.
  • To participate, all teams are required to have a minimum of three members and a maximum of five. Any more than three will only count as substitution.
  • A team can switch around their substitutions whenever they feel like it. As long as there's a maximum of 3 team members on the grid at one time.
  • Each player is allowed to be signed up to only one team, but may switch teams on the day of the event, if their first team is full.
  • If you have played a match with a team, you are NOT allowed to join another team as you have already locked yourself with the previous team by playing with them.
  • On the day of the event, team captains are allowed to replace any of their members that do not show up.
  • If a team only has 2 players, the other teams captain will then decide if the other team can play or not.
  • Each team has 5 minutes after the posted time to be ready or they will be forced to forfeit. If the other team is in a match from a previous round in the tournament they will have 8 minutes after the match to get their team ready and the match started.
  • Be friendly and have fun.
  • In case a tiebreaker is needed after the round robin matchups, the tied teams will each play each other once more for 5 rounds only. If the teams are still tied after this, then point differential of these 5 round matches will be used. If the teams are still tied with point differential, the advancing teams will be randomly chosen from the remaining tied teams.


  • The new WST map
  • The tournament will be set up with a round robin opening, with top 2 teams from each group going into a final, 2 round bracket
  • First team to reach 1000 points wins a match.
  • Round robin matches are played best of 1 match.
  • Final bracket matches are played best 2 out of 3 matches.

Server Settings

RINCLUDE Desolate/wst/WST_settings_v2.cfg(http://resource.armagetronad.net/resource/Desolate/wst/WST_settings_v2.cfg)
RINCLUDE Desolate/wst/WST25_auths.cfg(http://resource.armagetronad.net/resource/Desolate/wst/WST25_auths.cfg)
SERVER_NAME 0x8db6cdWST 26 0x00688b(Host Name - Location)


Players without a team

Add your name here if you're looking to join a team. A person looking to create or find someone for their team will hopefully contact you. If enough people are listed when brackets are created, they will be placed into teams automatically.

*Name Global ID (@forums)


To add your team onto the list, simply fill in this template and then post it at the end of the list.

#TEAMNAMEHERE | Captain(@forums) | Player 2 | Player 3 | Optional sub 1: | Optional sub 2:
  1. placeholder | Olive(@forums) | Player 2 | Player 3 | Optional sub 1: | Optional sub 2:
  2. American breakfast club | Magi(@forums) | b | c |
  3. Is this still happening? | woof(@forums) | dgm | koala |
  4. ToxicTronners | TT-Lilbiscuit(Renegade@forums) | ToxicTeammate| TiltedTeammate |
  5. Commonwealth Navy Rats | delinquent(delinquent@forums) | Nanu | Stereo |


Server List

* '''Server Name''' ([[User talk:ServerAdmin|ServerAdmin]]) <code>Address:Port</code> ''Location''

North America

  • WST 23 (kevinh.us) (Armanelgtron) armagetron.kevinh.us:4574 New York, USA
  • WST 22 (Deso's NY) (Deso) New York, USA


  • WST 22 (Z-Man's Germany) (Z-Man) vps-zman.armagetronad.org:4534 Frankfurt, Germany
  • WST 22 (Z-Man's Germany 2) (Z-Man) builder.armagetronad.org:4534 Munich, Germany
  • WST 22 (Deso's EU) (Deso) Frankfurt, Germany

Challenge Board

Round Robin

To edit the round robin matchups and table change Template:WarSumoRR26 and Template:WarSumoRRTable26

  Round 1
(18:00 GMT)
Round 2
(18:30 GMT)
Round 3
(19:00 GMT)
Round 4
(19:30 GMT)
Round 5
(20:00 GMT)
(20:30 GMT)
  Z-man's GER  placeholder 1000 Deso's NY  Commonwealth Navy Rats 720 Deso's NY  is this still happening? 1000 Deso's NY  Bro WTF?? 1000 Z-man's GER  is this still happening 1000
 American Breakfast Club 570  ToxicTronners 1000  Commonwealth Navy Rats 380  ToxicTronners 780  Bro WTF?? 780
  Nanu's EU  Bro WTF?? 1000 Deso's EU  placeholder 1000 Nanu's EU  ToxicTronners 1000 Deso's EU  American Breakfast Club 630 Deso's NY 2  placeholder 1000 Deso's NY  placeholder 2
 Commonwealth Navy Rats 450  is this still happening? 960  American Breakfast Club 900  is this still happening? 1000  ToxicTronners 510 Deso's EU  is this still happening? 1
Deso's EU  ToxicTronners 630 Deso's NY 2  American Breakfast Club 1000 Deso's NY 2  placeholder 1000 Nanu's EU  Commonwealth Navy Rats 540 Nanu's EU  Commonwealth Navy Rats 1000
 is this still happening? 1000  Bro WTF?? 930  Bro WTF?? 870  placeholder 1000  American Breakfast Club 960


Final Brackets

To edit the brackets change Template:WarSumoBrackets26