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Here is a list of servers available for the league. If you'd like to contribute a server, please add yourself to the list.

Servers Available

Server Location Administrator
Swamplords AFL Server Austin, TX Lucifer
Z-Man's AFL Server (custom connect to Cologne, Germany Z-Man
Wild West =AFL Fortress= Texas Manta & Durka
Fallin' Angels AFL Server Some fancy place Spidey, Ant, Wizzee
Fortress Test Server/Ladle Cafe (home server for ¦x¦ AFL team) Germany Rain's Server, RA for AFL by Rico
Crazy Tronners AFL Germany CT's server (PTA or Ed)

For Administrators

To facilitate administration, we ask that you share with team captains who wish to declare your server as their home server the admin password for your server. Obviously you should change the password to the one you intend to share before the game, and change it back to your private password after the game. However, we also prefer servers to be setup within our own network of game servers, thus they will not show in the master server list. It would also be nice if you make your servers available 24/7 like you do your regular server, so that teams can practice. Ideally, the teams who call your server home are teams that consist mostly of players that regularly play your server and already have established good relations with you.

More information on how we'd like servers to be administered for the league will appear here as it becomes available, however you do not *have* to provide a separate server for the competition. To help out, all you really need to do is make sure the server you are contributing will run the appropriate settings for the games when they are scheduled, and that it will be available for the games it is scheduled for.