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The 1st Tronic Bowl of Fortress will be played on Sunday 7th June 2009!
  • Stage 1—Team-Captains visit the Challenge Board to sign up their teams.
  • Stage 2—Team-Captains register at #Armagetron at 7pm UTC, then teams play the best of 3 matches and best of 5 for the semifinals and finals.
  • Stage 3—Winners are celebrated, participants are congratulated, and game-analysis, results and feedback are welcomed!

Bowl 1 - Sunday 7th June 2009!

General Information

We are still attempting to have runners up! If your team loses, continue into the semis, and the winners of these will meet in the runners-up final.

Opening Round 6:00pm 2:00pm 1:00pm 11:00am
Elimination Round 6:45pm 2:45pm 1:45pm 11:45am
Quarter Finals 7:30pm 3:30pm 2:30pm 12:30Pm
Semi Finals 8:15pm 4:15pm 3:15pm 1:15pm
Finals 9pm 5pm 4pm 2pm
(3rd Place Playoff) 9pm 5pm 4pm 2pm

(time conversion here)

Teams List

The Challenge Board is locked.

Please post your team name and the players who will play for your team below. If you're confused on how to do so, look at the examples below. You may also wish to create a wiki page for your team. The teams will be randomly selected for slot #s on the Wednesday before the Bowl.

* [[Team_wiki_page|Team_name]] (Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, ...)

You can still sign up your team however. If you sign up late, you will randomly be placed into a play in game for Sunday.

Late Signups

Bowl 1 - Challenge Board

  • Crazy Tronners 1 α (players emphasis, speed, safa, sebol, zap, emmy, woned, freetosk8brd)
  • Crazy Tronners 2 β (players k-yo, luiso, puuquie, voodoo, tadd, orly, p4, kyle, ...)
  • ~|DarkSyndicate|~ (Players will be added later)
  • Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats (CuRbSidE, Durka, Goodygumdrops, Hoax, SageLord, $ubzero, Corn, Dimbiman, DreadLord, JJBean, PlayerNuby, stax, WildCat, Terminator)
  • Manic Tentacles ( pike, aok_yoshy, Helena, ipernog,, mano, milan, Sl33py...)
  • PLZ RES US! ([1] Ai, Word, Hell-lo, tomb, Joker, Slov, Absynth, Arctic, NyX...)
  • tronAholics ( gArIsImo, sine.wav, noob_saibot, envy, sunnygirl, moth, play,legionaire - players please add yourself!)
  • fake_ ( epsy, Raiden, Vesper, Jenga, Rapido, AshitakA, Unholy )
  • Immortal Dynasty I (Sin, Sasori, ARilou, killer, Slai, Steam)-Subject to change.
  • Immortal Dynasty II (Robo, mecca, Tremor, Zac, Squirg, Taco)-Subject to change.
  • -=VcL Clan (Whoever shows up.)
  • ~*Speeders*~ (All of us.)
  • Black Ice (Titan_iC3, Monk_iC3, hyp3_iC3, Neal_iC3, numbers_iC3, MKay-1_iC3, pop_iC3, MZDoc_iC3, .NbK.Gftis_iC3 )
  • Team Unknown. uNk (teen, Pr3, Custang, Thump, xDr, Folgers, Paperclip, Tupac)
  • Plus (preSsure, Concord, Radian, 1200, Lackadaisical, 2020, dubstep)
  • -»| Arrow Clan (a, arks, boo, freako, gaspard, hamar, hoop, newbie, olive, viper, xyron)
  • Bebe One More Time ( Flex, MaZuffeR, eddie, akira, dlh Vanhayes )
  • Wild West Alpha ( Compguygene,Shock, Monkey D. Luffy, Karma, Punish, Subliminal, Ender, Kira, Destiny, Monk, Minxy)

Servers and Admins

Please add your server, where it is located and who the admins in it are. The settings are the same as in Ladle 21

RINCLUDE ladle21.cfg(
SERVER_NAME 0x44aaddFirst Tronic Bowl 0x4466aa(0xff7700Player 1's Server0x4466aa)

for CT servers, admins rights will be given to one or two players per team playing in them

  • Bugfarm Tournament (Z-Man (ownership) all Developers (admins); Permanently Fortress -
  • The Server Pharm: Fortress Freedom ((ownership)(Compguygene and (admins)-Compguygene Chicago , USA; Permanently Fortress
  • The Server PharmEU: Fortress Freedom ((ownership)(Compguygene and (admins)-Compguygene England, UK ; Permanently Fortress
  • Wild West =Ladle Server= ((ownership)Compguygeneand (admins)Compguygene Atlanta, USA; Permanently Fortress;

for Compguygene's servers, admins rights will be given to one or two players per team playing in them if needed. Team Leaders with listed global id's will have admin access permanently in the Fortress Freedom Servers and Temporarily in the Wild West Ladle server.

  • -=VcL. Ladle Server ((ownership)Rajinn and (admins)-Rajinn Atlanta, USA; Permanently Fortress'
  • First Tronic Bowl (Twisted Rats Server) - Durka - Atlanta, USA -
  • Pls Res Us!'s Server ([2] (ownership)(admins) - pru|Ai and pruWord ; Germany; Dedicated to competitions/Organised matches;
  • ¦×¦ Fortress (¦×¦ members + Concord, pavelo, Puuquie and epsy - PlayerNuby; Nuremberg(Germany); Fortress can be voted (Needs at least 6 new clients);

Team Captain Global ID's

'''Team Name''' (Captain's Name) <code>Captain's Global ID</code>, Servers the Captain plays 1st 2 rounds in.

  • Plus (Concord) Concord@forums Wild West =Ladle Server=, First Tronic Bowl (Twisted Rats Server)
  • Bebe One More Time (Flex) Flex@forums -=VcL. Ladle Server, Crazy Tronners Bowl 1
  • Manic Tentacles (pike) pike@forums The Server PharmEU: Fortress Freedom, The Server Pharm: Fortress Freedom
  • Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats (Durka) DDMJ@forums The Server PharmEU: Fortress Freedom, The Server Pharm: Fortress Freedom
  • CT α (emphasis) emphasis@ct (emmy) emmy@ct First Tronic Bowl (Twisted Rats Server), Prutopolis Fortress
  • CT β (Woned) owned@forums (K-Yo) K-Yo@ct The Server Pharm: Fortress Freedom, The Server PharmEU: Fortress Freedom
  • PRU (Word) Word@forums (Ai) Res Us!'s Server
  • Wild West Alpha (Compguygene) compguygene@forums (Destiny) Destiny@forums Wild West =Ladle Server=, First Tronic Bowl (Twisted Rats Server)
  • Arrow Clan (hoop) hoop@forums Crazy Tronners Bowl 1
  • Black Ice (Mkay-1) mkay1@forums -=VcL. Ladle Server, Crazy Tronners Bowl 1
  • fake_ (epsy) epsy@forums (Raiden) Raiden@x, Crazy Tronners Bowl 1 × 2
  • Dark Syndicate (zion) zion@forums CT Bowl 2, CT Bowl 2


  Opening Round (18:00 GMT) Sweet Sixteen (18:45 GMT) Elite Eight (19:30 GMT) Final Four (20:15 GMT) Championship (21:00 GMT)
  Z-Man's  PLZ RES US! 2  
     -=VcL Clan 0  
  Z-Man's  PLZ RES US! 0  
  WW Ladle  Dark Syndicate 2  
  CT Bowl 2  F!GHT/Team Unknown. uNk 0
     Dark Syndicate 2  
  Z-Man's  Dark Syndicate 0  
  WW Ladle  Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats 2  
  Pharm: EU  Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats 2
     Manic Tentacles 0  
  Pharm EU  Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats 2
  Pharm US  ~*Speeders*~ 0  
  Pharm: US  ~*Speeders*~ 2
   Crazy Tronners β 1  
Z-Man's  Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats 2
TR Bowl  Arrow Clan 1
  WW Ladle  Plus 2  
     Wild West Alpha 0  
WW Ladle  Wild West Alpha 2
 tronAholics 0  
  TR Bowl  Plus 1  
  PRU Bowl  Crazy Tronners α 2  
  TR Bowl  Crazy Tronners α 2
     Immortal Dynasty I 0  
  TR Bowl  Crazy Tronners α 1
  CT Bowl 1  Arrow Clan 2  
  VcL Bowl  Black Ice 0
     Bebe One More Time 2  
  CT Bowl 1  Bebe One More Time 1
  VcL Bowl  Arrow Clan 2  
CT Bowl 1  fake_ 0  
 Arrow Clan 2  
  CT Bowl 1  Arrow Clan 2
     Immortal Dynasty II 0  

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