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Before sending your help request to /dev/null, you might want to check a few other sources. You may also want to read up on Armagetron_Advanced_Wiki:Policy wiki policies.

Creating a New Page

To add a new page to the wiki, first find the page that belongs on top of it. For example, if you want to add a new page that gives new tips and tricks for players, go to the Player Tricks page and add it to the appropriate place. Come up with a title for your page and insert it into the text like this:

[[Your Page Title]]

It will look like a regular link, but it will be red. Click on the link and you will see a box where you can edit it.


As remarked below, use proper heading styles. Write a brief paragraph describing the topic at the beginning without a heading. It will be displayed above the generated table of contents and will be slightly easier to read. If you want a longer introduction, feel free to make an == Introduction == area, but always make the first paragraph without a heading. It's the same way Wikipedia does it and it happens to work very well.

Editing a Page

There is a SandBox for you to get started in. Go there and fool around and see if you get the hang of editing a page.

Editing a page is really very simple. To mark something as a heading, use a number of equal signs.

=== Heading ===

Looks like:


The wiki will generate a table of contents based on headings, so make sure you use them and use them well. Start with a depth of 2, i.e. == First Heading == and then put 3 for the next section that's inside this one. It will generate a table of contents like this:

1.1 Section 1.1.1 Subsection 1.2 Section

Each equal sign used in the heading adds another digit, essentially. If that doesn't make sense, experiment on the SandBox with it.

Use the apostrophe to emphasize stuff.

I ''like'' Chinese food. I '''love''' Thai food. I ''''''prefer'''''' Texan food.

I like Chinese food. I love Thai food. I 'prefer' Texan food.

For more advanced stuff, please Read the Fine Manual.

Adding a picture

Press the "embedded image" button. "[ [Image:Example.jpg] ]" will appear where the text cursor is. (NOTE: The brackets will not have a space inbetween eachother.) When you preveiw page, There will now be a link like this: Example.jpg. Click the link, there will be a secion called "Source File Name". Click browse and find the image you want to upload into the wiki. After youve found that, go there will be a space titled "Destination Filename" right below the section before. Delete the "Example.jpg" that it says now, and name the file anything you want. Make sure you dont drop the extention. It tells you the extensions there. When your all done, click "Upload". Hit the back button on your browser and delete the "Example.jpg" part out of the brackets. You should now have "[[Image:]]" Add the filepath name after the Image: and before the brackets, don't forget the extension! You can now click veiw page or save options and the picture will be there.

If you want your picture to be on the right of your text, add |right|thumbnail after your filename, and before the brackets.


[[Image:ICON_FOUR.png|center|thumbnail|A tron light-cycle]]
A tron light-cycle

External Links

To hide a link in a different, clickable word, click the external link button. [http://www.e 1000 link title] will appear. Erase everything inside the brackets and type in the address, followed by a space, followed by what word(s) you want to be able to click to go to the link.


This wiki is powered by MediaWiki, so you should look at MediaWiki's documentation to learn more.

Problems with Users

You should take problems with users to their talk pages first, secondly to the forums. If a user is just plain being abusive, you can email the administrator, but your best bet is to go to the forums.

The administrator of this wiki is mostly Lucifer, because it's on his server. But other moderators will be created as needed, and if you just need to get his attention, you'll have the best luck on the forums (until I figure out how to set up emailing from the wiki, that is).