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This file contains feedback for the Second Tronic Ladle.

for the sake of fairness. could teams not be allowed to adopt players at the last second unless theyre in the registered team? so a team doesnt get a huge boost. instead maybe have teams substitute players to adjust to the amount of players on the other team.
Ping was a big determiner in who won the matches. Ideas suggested during the game was to split the final between two servers. Also, the captains did not make use of the challenge room in the wiki. It was all just organised before the matches, which was ok because we only have four teams of about five players each. The idea is for the system to be future-proof, scalable to hundreds if not thousands of team... I can't see this working that well with more than four teams. I think team captains should take a little more responsibillity for making sure they choose a server that suits their players. And of course, it is the responsibility of the players to turn up! Oh well... Also... it would be nice to have little animations of the highlight, specific moves, climax battles, that kind of thing... can I change the format of the recording to make it quicktime? 2020
Would it be possible to do the next ladle on a sunday and maybe a bit earlier? Saturday night isn't the best time to go play a computergame for the europeans.
The time the event takes place (start at 11:30 PM) is a bit tough for me. Might it be possible to indulge us European players and have it take place a couple of hours earlier next time? Personally, I prefer Saturday to Sunday as I have to get up early on Mondays.

If we are to drop scheduled games again from not enough teams show, we should move those matches up in time instead of delaying. WS lost half their players do to the time being changed. We do need to work out the scheduling on the wiki better next time as the matches ended up being switched right before game time.
The procedural changes made since the last ladle really improved things. You did a GREAT job coordinating everything 2020. Thank you! Team coordination seemed to flow very well and having an admin on hand was a big help. The team captains were able to work out any issues and the players were polite to each other. I'd say we all had fun and in the end that is the reason we all showed up. Congratulations to everyone who played!
And dealing with the ping issue: Over all having a few low ping players on any one team does not make it unfair. It is when 100% of one team's players have 1/3 the ping of the other that attrition will catch up every time. (Not to bring up my 438 ping ;), lol) An average 180s on one side vs 60s on the other can be a bit unbalanced. Similar to a 4 vs 7 player match. To solve this I don't think a single server can be found to please everyone. Germany does have some of the most active players so it would be wrong to say force them to play a US server for example. Perhaps some ideas can be worked out before the next ladle. Playing half the games on one server then switching might cause it's own logistics issues. What are some other peoples ideas?

I think it was great... And thanks to all players and those, who made this possible.The solution for the high pings would be a server on which every player could play with equal ping. But there is no one. So i think, like you said Manta, the server has to be changed. But in a fair way. Maybe every team has to play on different servers, or every game would be played twice on two different servers. However, i look forward to the coming ladle. Have fun, all!

I agree on the scheduling issue. The time, and I think specially the day arent the best. For me, Saturday night is usually for going out. Btw, congrats to AW!!! :D