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9th Ladle?

are we gonna enter it?


The Ladle / Re

Hey everyone reading this, last week Pez came to me asking if we should try to regroup for one of the ladles, and Maz told me yesterday pavelo had the same idea. I'm not sure if I could play the Ladle 6, but I wouldn't mind if Team SS entered. I think Maz was gonna send everyone an email to check if there is enough willingness/availabilty among the rest of you.

-- Lackadaisical 05:28, 21 November 2006 (CST)

Old Discussion

tryin the talk page out.

do you want me to set up a forum for us to use? i can just add it to existing forums i'm already an admin for on another game Pez

Yeah, I've been thinking about maybe creating something of the likes, but well, theres already alot of going on on the wiki and on the armagetron forums, so it's really just another place there is to go to/register for. Although if theres enough people willing to go trough the (minor) hassle it's cool.

oh btw, it seems xevi stole ed from us, so we have two places open. If anyone knows someone who you think should join our team, i wouldn't mind if you'd ask them to sign up.


also, only just seen the dates n if its defo the 15/16 of apr i wont be about for all of it. big night out in london on that sat and aint gona be back till sun afternoon.


Do we have room for me???? garis

this is gonna be an awesome team :D

from what i've read winzones will be active and as this is a comp we should use em as everyone else will be. Also holes will feature quite a lot even tho they aren't deliberately used so much these days.


yeah, winzones being legitimate changes the way we should play the game. I'd like to go a bit deeper on the subject (and on the use of holes) but i'm not sure if it's good to have a discussion about it where anyone can see it. So i'm thinking of a password protected shoutbox and put a link of it on the wiki.. I'll send you all another email when i get it.

Gar, it's fine you join but we are getting a bit big now, so you probably won't be able to play every game. Seeing all three teams getting big i think it might be worthwhile to form a fourth team. Oh and I saw that you were also listed for the anarchic wanderers?


sorry couldnt make the practise. my router died on sat afternoon and i didnt get a chance to get it sorted. all ok now tho


The recording doesnt seem to work here...


Lack said:

>> we can only get a game up with MBC at 12am BST (or 11pm GMT)

would that be 'April 12, 11PM GMT' ? if that true i just might be able to come.... can't tell for sure yet... will know tomorrow


the 12th is no problem for me but defiantely not on the 15th. i'll be about for the 16th from midday or so (when i get up and recovered from night before ;-) )


Unless I travel for work, I should be up for the 12th. Probably can not do the 15th. Probably can do the 16th.


Ok i think egg pez maz and pavelo should play because they won't be available to some of the future matches. I heard from both click and nemo that they could play too, so i guess they should fight it out who gets the last spot in an all out cagefight... or paper rock and siscor. Or if pavelo can't play click and nemo just fill the open places.


Oh, before i forget, joda is planning to join a team in the spoon because he heard that he still can. We are his first choice, as long as we decide soon enough if we want him (because i actually asked him to join more than a month ago). So, what do you guys think? are we already with enough people or could we use another player?

OK... now it's a definite no-go for me..... so there's no need for any cagefights or sth similar. though i always wanted to see a cage fight :) I have no problem with joda joining... he's a very good player and there are larger teams than ours.....


no probs with joda joining at all, he's a quality player. you never know if everyone is gonna turn up and better to have too many than forfeit. if we do have too many then whovever doesnt play should get priority next match.


ok i think im going to let him if he's still available, especially seeing we are low on players this weekend.


any news on playing FE or are they out? kinda funny that fotress elite haven't played any games in a fortress tourny O.o


Yeah, there are topics from every other team on their forums but noone has been able to arrange a match. Very disappointing indeed for a clan called Fortress Elite, you'd expect them to show that the whole clan thing is a bit more than just a tag.


for teh next matches we should get more organised. it took bloody ages to get the match against mbc started due to both teams being badly organised with tags etc. think we started 40 mins late!! pez

Z-man reverted the [TS*] thing quite a while ago, but he accidently re- activated it. It's disabled again. He also disabled the team color thing, teams are only blue and gold now :) --Wrtlprnft 09:30, 14 April 2006 (CDT)

bit quiet at the moment on here. Any news on the tourny matches?


Seeding System

ooh, nice seeding system :) we get to play one of the best teams in the tourny in first knockout round after winning all our matches? not complaining just seems a bit messsed up... --pez

Well, that's because they're late and therefore count as the worst team in the seed rounds. Before they entered you weren't scheduled to play the first round at all because there was no enemy ;) --Wrtlprnft 08:29, 24 April 2006 (CDT)
Technically, that makes them not seeded at all. We don't know how good they are because they haven't played any games. I think the two teams that didn't play many games (FE played one, this new team played none) should face each other instead of fighting teams that really seeded. -- nemostultae 09:28, 24 April 2006 (CDT)
Then do so, I don't really care, but that will basically throw the seeding results all over and make the seed rounds useless except for practice. --Wrtlprnft 12:49, 24 April 2006 (CDT)
still seems messed up :p I dont care who we play just commented on it while i thought of it! --Pez

Gratz to All re the 1st Play-off

A very useful victory over a team that contains some very good players. 3-0 turnover was a great result, and as 8T was the only side we didn't beat in the seeding round the others will have something to think about if/when they meet us for the second time!

Gnice :)

Roll on the next round.

so whens the next match? --pez

any idea where nemo was yesterday? nemo?