User:Self Destructo

From Armagetron

Hi, my tron nick is Self Destructo (that's kinda obvious isn't it. :P). Most people call me SD, and that's what I prefer to be called in short. :)

How I came to find Tron

Well, I got this linux machine called Lindows (now called Linspire after Microsoft sued them for the mock Windows name). I was in search for a good game, and was downlaoding everything that looked like it might be cool. One of those games I came across was Armagetron. Back then there was only 2.5.0 available for debian core, but despite that, I gave it a try anyways. Well, I got hooked, and around about 2 years later I am still hooked. :D I don't guess I played any other game than this one for a long long time.

How I got my nick

Well, like most people, my first day playing the game online, I was a newb. But I was having fun though and that was what mattered. Now, I kept turning around to grind my own wall for speed, but the walls were so sensitive that everytime I tried to grind my own wall, I would kill my self. I kept changing my nick to fit how I was playing until I ended up getting Self Destructo and it still fit. :) Well, today I still have the same nick, even though I by no means live up to it most days. Now a days I just like the irony that goes with it I guess. Plus I plainly hate name changing for any other reason than cloaking.

My History in Tron

Well, I played along for quite a while and got good. I don't remeber too many clans in the game like there is now, but it wasn't long before I was in one. The first tron clan I was in was the [God] Clan. That's probably surprising for people that know how religious I am. What even more surprising, was my nick and it fit my game quite well. [God]Almighty was my nick. (Shame on me) Everyone loved it except my dad who got onto me quite well for it, but I deserved it. I only had this nick for about a month or two then I got my computer taken away from me (bad boy :O) for about a year. Then I came back to tron wondering where my fellow clanners were, and no one had seen them for about 6 months.

When I became [MBC]

So, well, I got unrusty under my old nick. The old Goshdarn server was gone (my favorite and the server I learned how to play on) so I played on around on what was available. This was when I found the MicroBusCity server and I loved the style of play on it. It wasn't too long before I asked if I could join the clan. About a week later I was an [MBC] member.

While I was in MBC I made alot of new friends which I still have today. I was all about progreesion and working to make things better. Eventually I started renting a server from DistortGaming making it MBC's Team Play server. I still have the server today (of course under a different name :P). Not but one or two months after this I left MBC for the ~*SP*~ (SpeedeRs) clan.

When I became a SpeedeR

Well, I joined the SpeedeRs when they were small. I made lots of friends there too. I was soon voted in a thier Armagetron division leader. Soon after I was setup right beside the founder of the clan after I saved his butt in a fight with GEL (Battlezone II division). After a while though, our two headed leadership of the clan wasn't working and so I left. Soon after SP didn't have a Armagetron division. But they did build it back after things (kinda) healed. I hold nothing against these people and would rather not bring up the story ever again.

~"XzL.Accel Clan

When I left SP I took 2 guys with me, my faithful buddies Punch and Vital (aka. Rebel) Together we started our own clan called The Accel Clan. Today our clan is successful because we focus on being buddies and not domination. We are small and will always stay small. And we will always stay buddies no matter what is spit in our face - because that's more important to us than our clan is. As of today, we have 13 members: 12 guys and 1 girl (Abby). We also have a Battlezone II and a Battlefield 2 division. We may eventually make a COD2 division. :D Come visit us sometime.