From Armagetron

Hello, I'm Word.

I started playing in 2002, played only local mode first. I quit after some months and downloaded it again when I got a new computer in August 2008. This time I played online. My first nick was Citroen DS, and the first server I entered was Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress. Like most noobs, I got kicked after 2 rounds. In the next 3 months, I only played in the Yellow Submarine server. Mostly because I liked the Beatles.

From November to December 2008, I was addicted to CTF. There I met Opeth and AI Team. We all shared a sincere resentment for other clans and founded our clan PLZ RES US! on the 6th December. The name was derived from a certain player's instant chat that was annoying as hell, thus we couldn't complain about too few applications - we got 20 members in the first three weeks, which led to some members' departure from the clan.

We played and lost our CTF tournaments thanks to having no clue of the strategies that were commonly used as well as the fact that the majority of us was European and wasn't exactly awake at 1 AM. I believe that double elimination is unforgiving: we'd beat one of the frontrunners in the first round and later got defeated by the same team.

In January 2009, Wild West, Velocity, Immortal Dynasty and other clans were missionized by Concord and became Ladle-participants. The rest can be looked up here.

By the time I learned how to manage a clan we already had lost many great players. As I am writing this, most of us are busy, but we will be back