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Some of the terms used by players for gaming in general as well as game-specific jargon.

Boxing is creating a wall around another player so he can't escape and will eventually run into it
Doublebinding is what is referred to when more than one key is bound to the same action. A detailed discussion will not be provided on the Double Binding page.
Grinding is what happens when you rub your cycle against a wall. If you are running parallel to a wall and you are very close to it, you will be grinding. A sound effect and sparks will normally accompany a grind.
Kicking is when you vote to get rid of a teammate because they are causing a nuisance.
Lag is the difference between what you see on your computer screen and what is computed on the server which centralises all the different players info.
Rubber is a mechanism that helps to account for lag. An understanding of rubber is only of arguable use, a detailed discussion is available on the Rubber page.
Team-Killing is when a player takes out his teammates. This is often a mistake and very rarely intentional.