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This page covers topics ranging from Advice for Beginners, a explanation of Game Physics and Components, Gameplay development, and Tactical discussion.

The Object of the Game

A brief introduction to Armagetron Advanced.

The Basics

A guide for players new to the game that want to improve their abilities. Start playing with the basic moves. Those are Left, Right and Brake. When you are good at that, you can start thinking about adding bindings to your settings so you can make 180° turns.

Building Your Skillset

A top-level how-to that explains the base set of skills needed and gives some pointers on how to develop those skills. By focusing on skills and leaving tactical discussions to other articles, a new player will have a way to evaluate their overall progress in the game. Play opponents who are better than yourself so you learn from them. It might be frustrating if you lose all the time but don't worry... Every kill is a lesson.


Learning to play in a team. Also, why good behavior is important in this and any other internet activity.

Game Concepts

A discussion of important game concepts.


What is rubber, anyway? I have a gauge for it, but what does it mean? Rubber is the substance which allows you a limited amount of time, until the rubber bar is full, before the player is terminated. Rubber is usually depleted when running into walls, or next to them.


What is the scale of the arena? How fast am I really going? How long are my walls, if not infinite?

Arena Axes and Turn Delay

How sharply can I turn? How fast?

Tricks and Tactics

Player Tricks

A page that discusses specific tricks or moves. Tactical discussions aren't to be found here, this is all special moves that get you points!

Single Player Tactics (Against AIs)

Try your best to box them in. There are a couple different ways to core dump bots in a local game.

Multi-Player Tactics

Via internet or LAN. Play real life opponents from all over the world. Think about attacking while defending or vice versa... Try to outsmart your opponent or just surprise him. Make traps, speedkills,... To learn about these thing you might consider to spectate a match or play it.

Also, read Advanced_Tactics.

Team Tactics

For all types of game, here's what you need to know to win or lose without pissing off your teammates.

Fortress Tactics

This is different enough from Team Tactics to get its own page. Most team tactics apply here, but fortress tactics put a whole new take on things.


Camping is a skill you need to learn... Camping is being caught in a box where you cant get out from, you twist and turn to stay alive. If the game has infinite walls its just staying alive. But if the walls aren't infinite you can camp so long till you find a way out. Camping is not the same as escaping.

Other Game Experience Factors

Grid Games

Sometimes players like to play games that are a bit different than the regular game. Maybe you've seen it and you thought they were camping? Maybe you've tried to play along and had a spot of trouble? Read here to find out all about it.

Game Variations

These are settings that allow for different game play styles or modes. Click on the title for further details.

Chat Features

Page about chat features that come with servers.

Advanced Chat Features

More chat-commands currently available in the servers worth playing in.


Sometimes good players team-up and start gang-like groups. Some examples: Death By Distraction, Speeders, ~"XzL, DarkSyndicates, |x|, Crazy Tronners, Immortal Dynasty, MicroBusCity ... Most clans have minimum standards of behavior and ability that must be met before a new player can join them. Check with the clan you're specifically interested in before attempting to join a clan.

There is also a growing group of players that dislike clans for various reasons. Ironically, many of these players have been offered to join various clans and turned the offer(s) down.


Lag is a myth, but heres some information on how you can minimize it.

Frames Per Second

FPS is the number of frames pass your screen in 1 sec. It is possible to play with an FPS around 40 or higher. Anything lower makes your screen go shaky. The more moves you and/or other players make the faster the FPS goes down. ( for more exp. players: i'm talking about digging and multiple bindings.)


Using the console.

Press the tilde key.


Some servers like to segregate from the rest. Learn here why, how to connect to them and how to add servers and new subcultures.

Authentication for Players

Make your servers never forget about you again.



A canonical list of moviepacks and other modifications available.

Playing Maps

Your complete guide to installing a map into Armagetron Advanced and configuring the game to play it for you. It does not include how to make a map, you'll need to saunter over to Extending Armagetron Advanced for that.

Effects and Display

A guide to video effects and display.

Customizing the game

Changing the look and feel of the game: installing Moviepacks, changing cycle colors etc.

Sections: Installing the Game | Playing the Game | Competition Hub | Server Administration | Extending Armagetron Advanced | Development Docs