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|RD2-server4=Deso's EU
|RD2-server4=Deso's EU
|RD2-team3=Pandora's Box
|RD2-team3=Pandora's Box
|RD2-server5='''Nanu's NY'''
|RD2-server5='''Nanu's NY'''

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  Round 1
(18:00 GMT)
Round 2
(18:30 GMT)
Round 3
(19:00 GMT)
Round 4
(19:30 GMT)
Round 5
(20:00 GMT)
(20:30 GMT)
  Deli's EU  Wide Gap 100 Deso's NY  Wide Gap Nanu's EU  Wide Gap Nanu's NY  Wide Gap Deso's EU  Wide Gap
Z-Man 1  mYm 150 kevinh.us  .uNknown Deso's EU  Good Cut kevinh.us  Pandora's Box Z-Man 2  Paradigm
  Nanu's NY  .uNknown 56 Z-Man 1  Pandora's Box 54 Nanu's NY  mYm Nanu's EU  mYm Deso's NY  .uNknown Z-Man 1  
Deso's NY  Good Cut 150 Deso's EU  mYm 150 Deso's NY  Paradigm Z-Man 1  Good Cut Nanu's NY  mYm Deso's EU  
Deso's EU  Paradigm 150 Nanu's NY  Good Cut Deli's EU  Pandora's box Deso's NY  Paradigm Nanu's EU  Good Cut
Nanu's EU  Pandora's Box 86 kevinh.us  Paradigm Z-Man 2  .uNknown kevinh.us  .uNknown Deli's EU  Pandora's Box