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We are evolving. Originally, the Anarchic Wanderers was merely a list of players who wanted to shadowbox fe-clan. Hence, it is not a clan. We managed one game; read about it here. We also played in THE SPOON tournament as one of the strong contenders; we didn't win it... but then again neither did anyone else...
We were strong contenders in the First Tronic Ladle, and we won the Second and Third. Because of the anarchic nature of team, team member lists change... everyone is welcome though...


From Van
Ok this page was getting a little too messy so from now on would anyone who wants to post a message use the talk page.
To use talk page click on Discussion at very top of this page, where I have moved the previous messages, Thank you.
From Rico
Created a page to assemble players/discuss for Kings of the grid or other 2007 tournaments.
Scroll down to find it :)
From Rico
Ive decided to withdraw us from the first AFL due to lack of activity/difficulty grouping players, organisation and the such. Instead, I think we should enter the one after xmas, in the spring or whenever. Sorry about that.

Strategy Experiments

This link contains some ideas about the launch, as well as starting positions for team-members...

Past and Present Players

How about instead of the list there is now on the actual page with people saying why they would want to play and when, we have these little lists which anarchic wanderers played in which games. This list would be something like this:

AW vs FE - Vahayes, Mazuffer, Kamp, 2020
AW vs SP - madmax, Hay-lin, rain, Garisimo, Lackadaisical
AW in the Spoon - featherfcuk, madmax, Psyko, Vanhayes, TBL, 2020, Garisimo, Zop, ghableska
AW in the Ladle - eggcozy, Vanhayes, Lackadaisical, durka, Zop, Garisimo, 2020, Nii
AW in the Ladle #2 - meriton, Hay-lin, rain, 2020, Vanhayes
AW vs SP - rain, hay-lin, madmax, garisimo and lackadaisical
AW in Ladle #3 - ghableska, madmax, hay-lin, vanhayes, lackadaisical, garisimo, eggcozy, 2020, mazuffer, alex, sticky, featherfcuk, Wrtlprnft

Everyone who ever was and may be...


I want to practice some strategies at the team level... new launches... new ways of breaking... and see if there are some flank tactics or pair tactics that may emerge...
Started working, so restricted playtime :( ... tell me when and where...
Skype me: Fidocancan

Why? Why not. ;)
Avaible almost always, preferred times between 4pm and 11pm GMT.

Because playing against the people here/people in fe is better than playing against random people.
Playing whenever, but not always under this name, I guess i'm mostly available between 18PM-01AM GMT

Same explanation as MaZ. In addition, it's fun and good practice.
Weekdays are a bit iffy, but on weekends, I'm fine with 8pm GMT to whenever....
Skype me: ghableska

Why? To have fun of course :)
Times between 12AM and 4AM GMT are the ones I prefer. I have no skype, you can find me over IRC on irc:// on the #armagetron channel, or just /msg me with my regular nick.
In case MBC is involved in the fight... well, I guess I'll fight for them :)

Because I Like Fortress, and want to take on the clans, eh.
Usually availible between 4 pm and 9pm GMT-3, eh.

Because I'm a damn addict and I want a stronger fix. Also

1000 , I'm tired of the same strategy and would like to try something new..

Available: usually always.

For the fun of playing with good players, and against good players. Not some messy random CVS game.
Usually free from 17:00 GMT and 0:00 GMT, on weekends, 2:00 GMT, or something like that. =)

Jeffery Lebowski aka "The Dude", Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA
The Dude is not the kind of man that likes being tied down, so clans are a no go. Losely based teams however are fine.
The Dude also enjoys talking about him self in 3rd person, bowling, acid flashbacks and driving around.
The Dude is also available around evening GMT times, and fortress is his preferred fix.

Who: Me
Why: Because I said so

Rico (Formerly known as ~}{Alex}{~)
Would simply be repeating what people have already said, so I'll stay here and shut up :)
Playing practically every day but not always under the same nick, but I'm fine with about 6pm to 12GMT - ish. Wednesdays, fridays and saturdays can be a bit iffy.
MSN me,

Anarchic Wanderers for Kings of the Grid, and Lucifers AFL

Armagetron Fortress League wiki page
Kings of the Grid website
Visit Talk:Anarchic_wanderers to discuss tournaments/matches, and who will be playing and where

Messages about AFL/KotG
  • Ok, this is where the players will be redirected from the Kings of the Grid forum, as I don't want to clutter up Lack's site, heh. I will create new sections as everything develops; for now, theres just a list of the players who have signed up to compete in 2007's tournaments. Once we have 8 players registered I'll put us in for the first KotG/AFL match - Rico
  • Looking forward to this... 2020
  • Ok I've signed us up for the Armagetron Fortress League. Stick your name down here - AFL_Signup - Rico
  • Notice: Van will not be available for the AFL. Lacka is forming his own team for the KotG (idk who he is getting to join yet) and he may not be available in the summer. If you see any old AW-ers, please feel free to direct them here as we could use more people to sign up. Thanks. (PS - I've directed madmax and featherfcuk here already, hopefully they shall sign up) - Rico
  • I'll play for AW for the Kings of the grid. On AFL I'll try some other team. Diversity ftw :) - madmax'
  • Only one more person needed until we can put in for the KotG with 8 players. I've mentioned it to eggcozy and MaZ and featherfcuk. Lack is a no-no as hes starting a new team. If you see any of these 3 feel free to direct them here :) ~ Rico

Current 2007 Player List

Please add your Game name, Forum name, and another means of contact if anything comes up (Email, MSN, AIM, Skype, etc)

Name - Rico
Forum name - Ricochet
Email/MSN -

name - 2020
forum name - 2020
email -

Name - Vanhayes
Forum name - Van-hayes
email -

Forum name—wrtlprnft
Means of contact—wrtlprnft on, I'm in #armagetron 24/7 and will read any message there that contains my name.

Name - ghableska
Forum name - ghableska
Means of contact - ghableska on AIM, MSN, Skype and IRC.

Name - gArIsImO
Forum name - gArIsImO
Means of contact -, (to my PDA) fastest way to reach me)!!!!!

Name - madmax
Forum name - madmax
Means of contact - madmax.ptz at (Email/MSN), madmax|pt @ freenode (IRC)

Name - Durka
Forum name - DDMJ
Means of contact - durkadurkamj (at) (Email/MSN), Durka @ freenode (IRC), durkadurkamj (AIM), PM on my site

Matches/results from 2007

None yet.