Basic 1/2hour rounds

From Armagetron


Time is not a great issue, however it may make sense to ensure that the length of a team-competition fits within a reasonable time-frame for it to be future-proof. After all the organising, team-re-organising and so on, it may be sensible to play the best of 3 matches.


Five minutes warm-up, then 15 minute sets where teams battle it out to find the best team out of 3 matches. Additional time is used to rest, and to organise and prepare for the next match.
If there are enough servers, 64,000 games can be played in the first half-hour, then 32,000 games in the second half-hour, etc, with a break of 1/2 hour after 3 hours, then another 1/2 break after 3 hours, then one more break after 2 hours, and the final set. A total of 10 hours from start to finish, the winners having played 4 hours and 15 mins or there-abouts, which players do regularly nowadays!!!!!