Favourite phrases

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LIke the glossary, but a little more personalised. One of the ways that signals a way a thing becomes popular, is if associated terms enter the vernacular, or slang. Use your terms on the grid, copy terms that appear amusing or interesting. List phrases or terms that seem to work for you.

hold the line
...referring to the last-second separation of the launch as it approaches the impact zone with the opponent team... led normally by point, whose left/right move aligns them shoulder to shoulder with the enemy... also alludes to the Tron film 'end of line'... 2020
...typically when two bikes are riding side by side, and one cuts in front of the other, perhaps entering enemy zone: a good cut... related to GO, chinese strategy game, when an enemy's structure is cut by a well placed stone... 2020
...when there is a delay between keypressing and the movement in the bike... related to lag, but it may be associated to eg wireless keyboard bluetooth delay... any excuse where you get it wrong and you blame it on the keyboard... 2020
when you take the enemy zone, or are the last defender, write up a favourite phrase... like planting a flag, a kind of temporary ownership... or or drawing of spectator's attention to something... 2020
...the last syllable of amazing... related to mazing... used when someone displays audacious skill, normally associated with a rapier-quick attack... 2020