IRC Channel

From Armagetron

We have an IRC (click here if you don't know what IRC is) channel on OFTC that gets some traffic. There's a fair amount of development talk there, but there's plenty more to be had.

Joining the IRC Channel

Pick your favorite IRC client and connect to OFTC. You can connect to the server, then join #armagetron using the user interface of your IRC client or the command "/join #armagetron"

Alternatively use an easy web interface such as OFTC's.

Once there, you'll find plenty to talk about, I'm sure. There is one thing you should not do, however: enter the channel, say "hi!", maybe ask a question, and leave after a minute of getting no response. If there is no discussion currently going on, everyone has their chat windows in the background and simply won't notice you in time. Have some patience.


As of writing this, there may be two active bots on the channel : ljrbot and Frobot. ljrbot is owned by luke-jr and Frobot is owned by Jip, contact them if you have a problem with the bots.

To use ljrbot use:


To use Frobot (preferred) use:


Here are some useful commands that "should" work on both bots

weather <city/postalcode/zipcode, country (if outside USA or canukistan)
google <search query>
list (lists all available commands)
help (help, obviously)
later (use later help for a list of options)

Dont ever say ]y or ]yandere in #armagetron... (even if luke-jr does). It starts an annoying and complex game and should only ever be mentioned in #Yandere