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This file contains feedback for the First Tronic Ladle.

The Quality of Your Playing

I was a passenger. I moved house, was using an old computer (fps was 15), and my connection got broken 3 times while playing Shadow League in the Semi's -- aaaaarrrrrghghghghgh. Like Van, hehe, and Durka I think.
  • Yep me 2---Durka
  • heh ya I wish my connection dropped only 3 times, More like 10-15, there was a storm going on at the time--Vanhayes
It was a nice surprise that my ISP didn't have their usual holiday weekend hiccups. :) Over all I certainly could have done better, I'm not very good under pressure and my dialup connection seems to get saturated with more than 12 players on the grid. Oh and Manta sucks at sweeping :P
well my computer already sucks haha. so i did fine until the AW match. made a lot more mistakes. only in the last AW match i was able to get like 8 or 10 points or somethin. but the other rounds there were less players playing like 7v7s or 6v6s and it was much easier to get through. also my ping was nicer. i want a pc haha. still had a great time though

The Quality of Your Team Playing

Anarchic Wanderers were amazing. I never got to see much of the offence, but defence was superb. Garissimo was solid at the back, only getting beaten when the odds were 4 to 1. I saw Vanhayes pulling off a major stunt -- amazing! And Eggcozy was superb as sweeper. I had fun playing with the offence of the other teams most times; we just kept them back for ages while our offence did the biz. Superb quality of play.
  • Durka
    I played for AW in the match against SL. I didn't get to see much of the amazing defense by our team. Everytime I would just bust through their middle and take up part of Sasha's def before he could make it complete. The problem was SL sometimes delayed Zop and the others from getting there soon I would be cramming part of the zone, but it would sometimes do nothing as we had no one else. SL realized this and Sasha's teammates would try and trap me in their zone. But, sometimes it did work and Zop would get their fast along with one other person and we would capture the zone fast (3 offense vs. 2 defense). It was a great team effort...4 points from winning the second match and 2 from winning the third. Well done SL and CONGRATULATIONS.
  • sKy

Getting Your Team Ready for The Match

Damned messy. I couldn't get on the server for about 10 mins. We started about 30 mins late... it gets a little tedious when people are there, some playing, some just waiting for the real game. It would be nice if we could just import an entire team into a server. Have some kind of pre-grid preparation like in the film. Once teams are sorted, we just port into the server. Would be simple. Players would then turn up on time, otherwise, they just miss the boat. Trying to organise a match while playing is tough... too many distractions. Still... we managed it in the end... somehow...
  • Durka
    I got to play one round with ¡LØL! because I was late. I showed up and only 2 people that were ACTUALLY on WS were playing. Everyone else was picked up "from the streets." (Example: man2d played with ¡LØL!, (WS), & SL during the tourney...just a little unfair). Also, we really needed 8 teams not 6 (there were 7, but CT didn't show). (Example: the ¡LØL! vs. WS match in the first round was actually a semi-final match so who-ever won was automatically in the finals...yet again weird. But, overall, the tourney was definately fun. Next time 2020, can we please not try and play the tournament ALL IN ONE DAY!!! Too chaotic!
Getting Wraith Squadron ready for each match was actually quite easy. All our players met in an MSN chat room one hour before the start time and we did all our coordinating from there. This made it very easy for us to all show up on one server at the same time. We then disconnected during game play of course. ---- Since there were ONLY 2 ladle servers and LOL & WS were the last teams paired we were forced to use Bugfarm fortress. This caused quite a bit of confusion with visiting players joining the match. Kindly, most willingly left or stayed as spectators. Also I don't believe man2d played for WS at any time during the tournament as he was on each of the opposing teams we played. Wish we had had him though.

Team-Captains and the Challenge Room

As admin of 2020's T-room it was ok... but a bit stressful. Loads of people, including non-captains and noobs entering. The text area was too small and too many people were talking. Some were asking me to die so that they could join the game -- as if we were meant to be playing! Some of the non-captains were useful since they could leave the T-room and search for players like Xevi for Crazy Tronners, and the state of play in matches.
Team-captains did the job well though, challenging one another, then setting off to do their matches. However, I think we should have waited until everyone knew who was playing who and where before leaving. The only real way of doing this is building a simple interface with challenge-board, etc so that people could see if they were challenged and whether they accepted etc. Still.. on the whole, it worked.

While using the T-room was problematic it did serve it's purpose well and its probably the only 100% sure way everyone has to communicate. 2020 took down the chat-server while he played which is understandable but we really need one up at all times for team captains to check in on each other while another match may still be ongoing. THANK YOU for all your work 2020, the ladle would not have been the success it was without you!

Anything else?

Could have done with more matches. Also, losing teams could have played one another. In fact, we probably had time to play a round-robin affair. What was best about it is that we ended up with a winner. We trusted team-captains, and they pulled it off.
My wishlist? Somehow keep teams together, maybe with some kind of pre-grid preparation room like the film. If this runs simultaneously to gameplay, you can be playing around in some server, and then when your team is assembled and ready, you are notified and requested to port to the proper server where your team assembles against the opposing team. Also, some kind of software to automate the challenges. The chat-facility was not good enough... too much noise...
It is all to do with timing. As a first attempt, I think it was successful. The trick is... how to make it better...

--- Having the ability to lock a server to a certain number of players ahead of time. While letting there be room for a couple of spectators so backup team members can standby but keeping riffraff from joining. --- Letting a small majority successfully kick someone, without having to distract all the players with the vote. --- Have shuffle down AND up enabled to allow team placement. --- Have more servers available. --- Personally I liked the month long idea but I must say having the games all on one day seemed to work better. But this also made it very hectic and with elimination, losing teams only got to play one match after the effort of getting everyone coordinated. --- Over all I'd say the ladle was a great success and everyone had a great time which is most important.