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The One hundred and fifty-ninth TRONIC Ladle will be played on Sunday, June 2nd, 2024!
  • Discussion for Ladle 159 is taking place [ here].
  • Server administrators please update your config files.
  • Teams please sign up on the Challenge Board.
  • Then get some practice in before the big day! :)

Ladle Voting

The decision-making process for Ladle-related issues was sketchy at best before the voting system was in place. Previously, community members might make a forum poll or some complaint thread and people would argue a point. Very little was ever accomplished and every change was a challenge to authority of sorts.

At one point, people began to question the nature of the Ladle rules themselves and the authority for which they had been created. [1] It was clear something needed to be done. By February 2009, just about everything related to the Ladle was in question again. A discussion of rules broke out, but this time it was about not just what rules we should have, but how to decide on them as a community.[2] Lackadaisical pointed out a vote from Ladle-16 where the teams successfully decided on settings.[3] Eventually it was decided to try out a quarterly voting schedule using the previous method from Ladle-16. The first quarterly vote coincided with Ladle-21 and was used consistently with great success. [4]

The process was simple and went smoothly for a long time. Every third Ladle, a discussion thread was created to talk about Ladle issues. Ideas were argued thoroughly. One week before the Ladle sign-ups close, a voting thread was created. The thread contained the choices for teams to vote on. Only teams signed up could vote, one vote per team (if you had a large clan with 2 teams, that meant 2 votes). Voting closed when sign-ups closed. Note: occasionally situations arose where emergency voting was needed and the previous Ladle teams were used. This system shaped Ladle Fortress into what it is today. However, quarterly voting was suspended in January of 2011 due to irreconcilable differences (some felt there was too much tampering with the tournament and others felt voting was a chore).[5]

Votes no longer happen quarterly, but because the voting system proved to be immensely helpful it is still used when problems cannot be solved through discussion alone.

Past Votes

Ladle Issue Results, Choices
L-16 score_hole 0 points (4), 1 point (2)
2v2 fortress conquering unconquerable (5), conquerable (1)
scoring distribution - win/conquered 6/4 (4), 10/0 (2)
winzone / deathzone no (6), yes, expanding, when? (0)
team size 6v6 (4), 7v7 (0), 8v8 (2)
score_hole 0 points (6), 1 point (0)
scoring distribution - win/conquered 6/4 (6), 10/0 (0)
brackets / team placement random (6), seeded (0)
servers balance of EU/US (5), random (1)
rotate finals between US/EU servers yes (4), no (2)
coordinated server names yes (6), no (0)
players must use names on Challenge Board yes (5), no (1)
team size 6v6 (6), 7v7 (2), 8v8 (0)
score_hole 0 points (7), 1 point (0)
2v2 fortress conquering unconquerable (6), conquerable (2)
scoring distribution - win/conquered 6/4 (8), 10/0 (0)
brackets / team placement random (5), seeded (3)
finals are best of 3 yes (5), no (3)
Ladle start time 1 hour early (4), 1.5 (1), same (2)
Ladle should be on which day Sunday (5), Saturday (2)
Ladle should be 2 days no (7), Sat/Sun (0), consecutive Sundays (1)
moderators global (4), team leaders (1), both (3)
Ladle start time 18:45 GMT (6), 17:45 GMT (2)
double elimination none (6), light (2), full (0)
adjust Ladle date for New Years/January yes (7), no (2)
Ladle follows daylight savings time yes (12), no (0)
adjust Ladle date for New Years/January yes (12), no (0)
Challenge Board cutoff-time/day Thursday (6), Friday (5), Saturday (1)
elect global moderators yes (11), no (1)
team size 6v6 (9), 7v7 (2), 8v8 (0)
hole size (explosion_radius) 0.75m (7), 2 (3), 0 (1)
players must login to play yes (11), no (1)
hole size (explosion_radius) 0.75m (8), 1.40 (1), 1.00 (2), 0.02 (1)
scoring distribution - conquered/win 4/6 (11), 6/4 (1)
Players can be on multiple teams no (12), yes (0)
players must use names on Challenge Board no (8), yes (2)
Rule breakers get baned for next Ladle yes (12), no (0)
Ladle 36 date Traditional (9), 2nd Sunday (2)
Ladle 37 date Traditional (9), 2nd Sunday (0)
Ladle 38 date Traditional (7), 2nd Sunday (0)
start seeding brackets (beginning Ladle 38) 4 seeds (5), 8 (1), 2 (2), no seeds (3)
Ladle 39 date Traditional (8), 2nd Sunday (1)
Ladle 40 date Traditional (8), 2nd Sunday (1)
Ladle 41 date Traditional (9), 2nd Sunday (0)
team size 6v6 (7), 5v5 (1), 7v7 (2)
hole size .75 (7), 1.0 (2), 1.02727272727 (1)
seeding (chosen by median) 1 Seed (2), No Seeds (4), 2 Seeds (3), 4 Seeds (1)
double-elimination yes (30), No (7)
starting time yes (17), No (8)
Voting moves to Discord Polls
4 Team Round Robin no record
Swiss-style tournament matching no record
Ladle format and team size Swiss Tournament & 6v6
L-127 Ladle format for 5-8 Teams Round Robin (15), 4 Round Swiss (3), 3 Round Swiss (2)
L-130 Forfeits Allowed with a penalty (12), Allowed under any circumstances (3), Allowed only if Team Leaders agree (2), Never (1)
Round Robin Ties Largest score differential (8), Sum the score differential and... (3), Highest losing score (2)
Date alteration Ladle was moved ahead by one week due to an overwhelming number of unavailable players. Decision was made by general consensus in lieu of voting.
Tiebreaker rules alteration Adjust tiebreaker to include a 100-point playoff between the 2nd and 3rd highest scoring teams, with the highest advancing to finals. In the case of more than 2 tied teams, the lowest score(s) are eliminated.
Date alteration Ladle was postponed for one month to accommodate extra participation for Ladle 150.
Start time alteration Ladle was adjusted to 17UTC during typical DST time rather than 18GMT year-round.