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The predecessor to roulette was multi-person Mazing, a normal maze except with several people participating. Roulette is this concept inverted, however, inverted mazes existed before roulette. The term and rules were popularized and created by players TiTnAsS and Kesshutsu.


  • Requires at least two players, but more is better.
  • In the beginning of the round, follow the left cycle wall on the outside. Everyone should be going clockwise.
  • Leave enough room to go back in between the walls that you and the person you are following create
  • Keep following the walls around the arena until you get close to the outer rim.
  • Double back to your right and enter the tunnel you have created, and follow it to the middle.
  • Once you get back in the middle of the giant mass of tunnels, turn left and go out the closest tunnel created by another player.


Roulette 10.png

This first image is a screenshot of the players making the mass of tunnels. As you can see, they are all moving clockwise around the outer side of the walls, and leaving enough space to turn back inbetween the tunnels when they need to.


This screenshot is the players doing the same thing as the above screenshot, just so you can get a different perspective on it.

Roulette 15.png

This next screenshot, is the players sequentially turning back into their tunnels. This picture is to illustrate the point of Rouletting.

Roulette 13.png

This screenshot, is to show you what the inside of the roulette is like, and how you should go about navigating it.

Roulette 14.png

This last screenshot is to illustrate that the players following the wall in front of them can pull off and create new swerves. These swerves serve as extra turns that create a harder and more fun tunnel for each player.

Good Servers for Roulette

  • Breakfast in Shrunkland
  • World of TNA (has a map built for Roulette)
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Differences Between Mazing

Roulette and multi-person mazes are related but differ significantly

  • Mazing is an abstract skill, roulette is game with set rules.
  • In roulette each player creates their own path to maze back into. In a multi-person maze everyone uses the same path.
  • You can not roulette by yourself.