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Spoon Revisited...

A discussion on the forums seemed to indicate there were enough people who couldn't play Ladle on Sundays to warrant some sort of Saturday Fortress competition. And since there is usually a large amount of activity on the grid the day before Ladle (as players get some last minute practice in), we can probably organize this into some sort of mini-tournament.

This is not exactly the Spoon as imagined by 2020 for Tronic, but some ideas can be revisited. The original Spoon had many problems with organization and communication. However, today's community is significantly more experienced and mature in the sense we have more, stronger tools available than we did years ago and the average player is quite familiar with them. Here is a basic outline of The Spoon:

  • Players join #armagetron.tourneys at 18:30 GMT.
  • Captains are chosen and then draft players.
  • Teams decide amongst themselves who will play each other and what server to use.
  • One representative should place the teams into the bracket on the Challenge Board, then play the round.
  • Pickup servers are the best equipped to handle this improvised tournament, but a Ladle server might work too.
  • One match should be sufficient to declare a winner. We don't need best of 3. It's not like we don't have a massive tournament to play the following day... Plus I'm sure the Spoon will suffer some organizational lag time.
  • Teams advance. If the other brackets get abandoned, the current winners can continue on with any other team that wants to jump into a round (you can have a final against a team that hasn't played a previous round!)

There doesn't seem to be a need to carry over the current rules for Ladle, since this is Spoon. Teams aren't even required to sign up, but there is nothing to stop teams from organizing themselves in the weeks previous, placing themselves on the bracket many days ahead of time. Of course, if a team doesn't show up they shouldn't get mad when someone else takes their spot.

Remember: This should be fun and informal!