Talk:AFL Rules

From Armagetron

Hey, Luci, I'm already figuring these rules need to be expanded and reorganized.

The sections I can tell they can be separated into are:

1. Team rules: How many people on a team, what we expect from a team when they come in

2. Server rules: this can explain about the home server system, and contingencies in case a server dies.

3. Game rules: the rules for a game, like how we expect promptness and whatnot, as well as what happens if some team members don't show, perhaps; Maybe an explanation of special rules for a game, like the fact that a winzone will exist.

4. Season rules: This will explain the system for ranking the teams

5. PostSeason rules: pretty obvious, how the postseason is going to work

6. Rewards: Explain the prizes for the champs, and the mvp awards... this might just be a bunch of links to the awards page though, so maybe just leave it out.

7. Sportsmanship: What we expect. I don't know if profanity should be outlawed. Being a dick should be. Also, maybe an explanation of the bad things that happen when you piss us off.