Untitled Clan

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Clan History

During the fall of ctf, Rogue Tronners decided to promote a clan based on teaching players how to ctf. Originally the idea was made by Shoebat, but it was later taken on by Titanoboa. Due to the need for members, Titan spoke with the Syllabear (previous [FE] leader). Since [FE] on the verge of extinction Sylla allowed Titan to take all 5 of its members into the new clan. With the clan having no name Titan deemed it to be Untitled. The name would be left to be decided once an actual leader was picked. Titanoboa worked with the clan to recruit members and to teach them how to improve their skills in ctf. After a short while Titan left to return to Rogue. WesD and Windrider were left to lead the clan & Camaro was left to be the forums moderator. WesD disappeared shortly after Titan's parting with the clan.

Clan Achievements

Started up the monthly CTF Brawl Tournament 2/13/11 First CTF Brawl win 4/30/11

Current Roster

~'U.Windrider ~'U.Camaro ~'U.Rorschach ~'U.Cobra ~'U.Sexybeast ~'U.Giby ~'U.Portgas D.Ace ~'U.Tru ~'U.Gftis ~'U.Regedit ~'U.Ti ~'U.DivineTruth ~'U.Lawliet ~'U.Anarchy ~'U.Number3 ~'U.Marshmellow ~'U.Axis