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About Me

Real Name: Ben

Age: 17, Birthday: 3/24

Location: Philadelphia

Favorite Servers: ~'XzL. Clan Server, Wild West Capture The Flag

Other Servers I play In Often: -=}ID< Immortal Dynasty Server

Servers I Sometimes Venture Into:, ~|DS|~ DarkSyndicate's Arena, Tigers Speed Blast

When I Am Normally On:

 Weekdays: Around 8:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. Eastern Time
 Weekends: Anytime In The Afternoon Eastern Time

Alternate Nics: Mabus, Crusader, and a few others I keep to myself

Experence: 1 year and 8 months (as of 2/16/06)

Starting Out (May 2005 to November 2005)

I started around may of 2005. I was over at a friends house and we were pretty bored. He told about this game and we started playing in several servers. I loved the game and downloaded it when i got home that night. My friend gave it up a few weeks later, I on the other hand continue to play regularly.

When i first played, my favorite server was tigers classic play. I played there for months but then one day it stopped showing up on my list (and as i later found out, everyone elses). I quickly found a new favorite server, Microbuscity |MBC|. Though after about a month or so of playing there, that server too disappeared from my list. So again, i continued my search for a new favorite server. I came across Chrisi's Server and found it enjoyable, but not nearly as much as MBC had been. Around early november i went to find out exactly what had happened to MBC. I quickly found that i had been caught in a range ban and it was proptly corrected (Yay!). After about another month of playing there i was accepted into |MBC| Clan.

My Time With MBC (December 2005 to May 2006)

I loved my time with mbc. I made many friends there, some of which are still there today. In late January or so i was made a forum moderator there. I stated the mbc graphics team alittle after. Around March I was made a Armagetron Clan Moderator. However, things went down hill from there. It quickly appeared that I was not cut out for a job as a mod. I abused my power somewhat and didn't take it seriously enough. Also, I was, growing bored of the server settings. So in May I made the difficult desicion to leave |MBC|.

My Time With Element (May 2006 to September 2006)

After leaving mbc, i wasn't exactly sure where I would go. However, a player named nightmare offered a spot of as leader of an up and comming clan called element. I was reluctant to take it, but my best tron friend master (who had also left mbc just a few days earlyer) was there, so I took it. Things at first went really slowly. Several of our members went inactive for one reason or another, including my best friend Master :( But after a month or so, things were starting to get on track. We were getting newer better members. But then nightmare went inactive without really any explaination (still don't know why). Still things were getting alot better. By early September we were very talented and having a great time. Then nightmare returned and said and did things that threatened to undo all the work I had done with element. So me, and the other leader at the time (Sin) left to form our own clan. Nearly all of the members of element came with us and the clan died, though i Hold no grudges, the whole situation is rather complicated, and even I admit that perhaps i didn't haddle it perfectly. But we are only human, and hind site is 20/20.

My Time With Immortal Dynasty (September 2006 to Present)

The Clan Sin and I formed was called Immortal Dynasty (-=}ID<). We are thriving today and are well respected in the Armagetron community. Sin and i continue to lead the clan. Creator, a faithful friend since the element days, is also now a fultime leader, and treeripe a friend since my mbc days is now co-leader. Visit Us at Everyone is welcomed. :D