From Armagetron


Real Name: Anthony

Age: 17, Birthday: 10/22/92

Location: Oregon

Favorite Servers: ~'XzL. Clan Server, ID Loose DF Soapy's Bathtub, >3D> DF Server, Speeders HR, ID Open Sumo, ID Fort Diner, TP Server

Other Servers I play In Often: Dolomite Oldschool DF

Servers I Sometimes Venture Into: Wild Nights DF, ~|DS|~ DarkSyndicate's Mega Fort, Wild West CTF, InternalDrive ID Tech Racing

When I Am Normally On:

Weekdays: Between 6pm and 12am PST
Weekends: Anytime PST

Alternate Nics: Yaki Soba (my very first name when I was in dbd)

Experence: 6 years (as of August 2003)

Clans: dbd, tp, qp, f2, id


As mentioned above I have been in a total of 5 clans throughout my tronning experience. Dbd was my very first clan and I joined it within my first months of playing and I joined the HR division. I left a few months later because I felt that the only people who I had come to grow close to were TeaTime and Dark Angel and I didn't feel like I fit in. I left dbd and went to Tp to join with my two good friends Fear (Ez-Bake) and Rain who were both leading at the time. I joined Tp and made it til the very end through the multiple cuts until it finally died. At this time I had started to only DF and it was my gametype but after Tp died I took a break for a few months and when I came back I found some old friends in a new place, Qp. Before going to join Qp I decided to pick up and start my own clan with the help of some old friends Sky(Johnson) and Z3ro. We lasted for a few months until our great crew started to become fairly inactive and started dropping like flies. I was always welcome in Qp Acid would tell me so eventually I took him up on his offer to join Qp after F2 died. Qp was like family to me and everyone else in it, I fit right in and became great friends with everyone in it. A few months later Qp came to an end and our family was heart broken, upon the death of Qp I decided to reform F2 with some of the core members from Qp. We made a great run and had lots of fun, picking up great members along the way who to this day I am still good friends with. After the final death of F2, I took a break from clans for awhile and flew solo. After sometime my old friend Fear(Ez-Bake) approached me and told me that I should apply to ID, once I finally did, I was accepted into the family with open arms and that is where I put my loyalties today.