AFL Spring 2007 Playoffs

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Here's all the information for the Spring 2007 Playoffs.


Home teams are listed first.

First RoundSecond RoundChampionshipChampions
Kill Or Die (rests) |x| vs Kill or Die The Tards vs |x||x|
-|x|- vs MATADO CORE
The Tards vs Unnamed Team 2The Tards vs Speed
Crazy Tronners vs Speed

The playoffs will proceed as follows:

First round will have 6 teams playing. These will be played the same as the games in the regular season, best 2 of 3. (Technically we're first-past-the-post here since the third match is optional if one of the teams wins the first two matches) These games will have the higher-ranked team as the home team and will be played on their server.

Second round will have 4 teams playing. The 3 that advanced plus the team that sat out the first round. Each game will be first-past-the-post, and the post is 3. So the first team to win 3 matches in a game wins the series and advances, the other team loses. These games will flip-flop servers. First match will be played at the higher-ranked team's home server, second match will be played at the other team's, and then back again, and so forth, until there's a winner. Please don't get lost switching servers. You guys do this all the time, so it shouldn't be that hard.

Third round is the Championship. This game will have the post at 4 and could be a very long game. At the end of the second round, if both teams that advance desire, the championship can be rescheduled for up to one week from then. If there is disagreement, the game will be played immediately following the second round (with a little break if need be). This game has several playable options. It can be flip-flopped as the last game. It can be played in its entirety at the FA AFL Server, or if z-man's willing, it can be played in its entirety at his server. Also, if wrtlpwned is willing, it can be played in its entirety on Fort Cafe. The two lucky teams will decide, and if they can't agree, it will be flip-flopped by default.

MVP Nominations

The following players are automatically nominated for the Most Valuable Player award. Please begin voting! All votes must be signed, or it can't count. Remember, only people who played during the season can vote, and the only way we can verify that fact is if the votes themselves are signed. Sign with ~~~~ if you are a user here, or else just write your name. You must have played at least one game to be able to vote.

The votes will be tallied. In order to win, a player must receive 2/3 of the votes cast. If a player hasn't received a 2/3 majority, then the lowest ranked player will be removed and a second round of votes will be cast. This is similar to instant run-off voting, which may be the voting method in your country. We will continue voting until someone wins 2/3 of the total votes cast, or until everyone is eliminated except one person, whichever comes first.

Round 1 Voting



--- owned
--- Durka 18:11, 10 August 2007 (PDT)
--- Phantom
--- PsYkO
--- newbie


Epsy 09:40, 10 August 2007 (PDT) aka fuck that capital letter





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