Ladle 106

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The 106th TRONIC Ladle was won by WTF on Sunday, June 5th, 2016!

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  • Sparks and friends (sinewav, nara (sinewav@forums, nara@forums), Monkey, Word, blackstar, sw1ss OPEN TEAM ... )
  • m&m (koala, mister (koala@forums, misterplayer@forums), appleseed, vein, algid, krikio, eber, Hoax, wolf, ssumday)
  • WTF (Nate, Andrei (TheNate@forums, abcd@forums), vov, potter, Bytes, Over, DGM, Nanu)
Ladle 106
Teams 3
Players 24

1st Round   2nd Round   3rd Round   Finals
EU (Gene GER)  WTF  
    EU (Gene GER)  WTF 1    
     m&m 2    
NA (Kyle NYC)  m&m 2       EU (Gene GER)  m&m 0
 Sparks and friends 0        WTF 2
  NA (Kyle NYC)  -     NA (Kyle NYC)  WTF 1
   Sparks and Friends      Sparks and Friends 0