Ladle 128

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The 128th TRONIC Ladle was won by meet your maker on August 2nd, 2021!

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This month's ladle saw a rebirth of Meet Your Maker, whose roster was that of last month's We Are Going to Lose Ladle, though with a substitution of dgm, as mr has retired yet again. MYM were very much the makers this month, not dropping a single match. For the second time this year, Paradigm were finalists, though were unable to pick up a match this month. Team .uNknown had a strong showing this month, taking a match off both Paradigm and WTF, landing them 3rd place. Finally, though recently passing a vote for the 150pt, single-match, round-robin format for 5-8 teams, only 4 teams were organized this month, meaning the 2 match variant was used.

Recordings & Screenshots


Final Bracket

  Round 1
best of 2
(18:00 UTC)
Round 2
best of 2
(18:30 UTC)
Round 3
best of 2
(19:00 UTC)
best of 3
(19:30 UTC)
  Nanu's NY  Team .uNknown 0 Deso's EU  Paradigm 1 Deso's NY  MYM 2
Deli's EU  MYM 2 Deso's NY  Team .uNknown 1 Deso's EU  Paradigm 0
  Deli's EU  MYM 2
  Deso's NY  Paradigm 0
  Deso's NY  WTF 0 Z-man's GER  MYM 2  WTF 1
Z-man's GER  Paradigm 2  WTF 0 Deli's EU  Team .uNknown 1


  • Team .uNknown (thxmp (thxmp@forums), jameZflameZ, DRG, Mit, Coco, Windrider )
  • MYM (jericho (Jericho@forums), wolf, ampz, dgm, deso, olive, apple )
  • WTF (Andrei, Nate (abcd@forums TheNate@forums), Ppotter, Jam, Ninja Potato, Raph, Capone )
  • Paradigm (Force, Over (F0RC3@forums, Overrated@forums), Johnny, Tx, Cadi, Nanu, Hall)
Ladle 128
Teams 4
Players 27