Ladle 74

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The Seventy-Fourth TRONIC Ladle was won by Redemption on 6 October, 2013!

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  • Serenity (Caladbolg, Nanu (Child_of_blood@forums, nanu@aagid), Agility, Jax, Stereo, Opara, Syre )
  • Redemption (Soul, Dreadlord (Soul@forums, dreadlord@forums), Deso, Gazelle, Illusion, Kult, Kronkleberry, Roter, Vov, Wolf, Orion)
  • Brilliant Team (Andrei, Rugkey (Andrei_35@forums, rugkey@forums), Bellum, Modo, Materia, Delta))
  • Immortal Dynasty + Wild West (Dal, asdf (Dalsue@forums, asdfasdf@forums), Monkey, Puzzle, Sw1ss, Panther, Krikio,3b, (Res.Delarge, 6ead), Coco ...)
  • Crazy Tronners Alpha (J-Dawgg, Cronix (J-Dawgg@ct/leader, Cronix@ct/leader), Woned, Gonzap, Wap, Acid, Bier, MB53, Voodoo, Safari)
  • _~Rogue Tronners~_ (Overrated, DGM (Overrated@forums, DaGarBBaGeMAN@forums), Shoebat, Tobe, Poke' Master, Monkey D. Luffy, Red, Force, Titanoboa, Nuby, Fipp, Magi)
  • Crazy Tronners Beta (Pike, Orly? (pike@ct/leader, orly?@ct/jedi), Fate, Cookie, Empha, Mac&Cheese, Soska, Plee, Sunny)
  • <P)hoenix Fire (Venom, Lowkey (,, Arez, bilbo, Metal, modis, Nagged, Sixteen)
  • <P)hoenix Flame (Nate, Wood (,, bignose, delinquent, Fire Storm, LOLcat, NOBrain, RaGe, theo)
  • Unk+friends (House, Potter (, ppotter@forums), Vein, Hoax, Blondie, korrigan, Aiphaton)
Ladle 74
Teams 10
Players 90

  Octa Finals (17:45 GMT) Quarter Finals (18:30 GMT) Semi Finals (19:15 GMT) Championship (20:00 GMT)
Renegade US  Redemption  
  AoT UK
Renegade US
 Redemption 2  
   Brilliant Team 0  
AoT UK  <P)hoenix Flame 1
 Brilliant Team 2  
  Loki US
 Redemption 2  
   <P)hoenix Fire 0  
Loki US  <P)hoenix Fire  
  Loki US
Theo FR3
 <P)hoenix Fire 2
   Serenity 0  
Theo FR3  ~bye~3
Loki US
 Redemption 2
   Crazy Tronners Alpha 0
fman23 US  _~Rogue Tronners~_  
fman23 US
 _~Rogue Tronners~_ 2
   Unk+friends 0  
CT LIV  ~bye~1
Light USA
 _~Rogue Tronners~_ 0
   Crazy Tronners Alpha 2  
Light USA  Immortal Dynasty + Wild West 2  
 Crazy Tronners Beta 1  
  Light USA
Theo FR2
 Immortal Dynasty + Wild West 1
   Crazy Tronners Alpha 2  
Theo FR2  ~bye~5
 Crazy Tronners Alpha